As technology continues to modernize how information is accessed, advertisers are faced with the constant challenge of how to best reach and engage customers. While there are a variety of mediums to choose from, newspapers (print and digital) still reign supreme, providing a number of significant benefits that cannot be found elsewhere, including television, radio, and the Internet.

Top Benefits of Newspaper Advertising

Newspapers offer better targeting.

Newspaper advertising can target specific demographics that are traditionally more difficult to reach through other mediums. This allows advertisers to more effectively reach smaller, niche audiences, including those in specific geographical areas. This targeted advertising can range from simple inserts to regular weekly sections in local newspapers and other special publications.

Newspaper advertising is more flexible.

Newspapers offer more flexibility than any other advertising medium. Advertisers choose the exact size and location of the ad (including section and page), as well as design. Unlike other mediums, such as the Internet, they also choose the exact time the ad appears and its frequency, ensuring that readers will see the same information, in the same format, in the same location.  Advertisers also have more control over the final product, by working directly with newspaper staff.

Newspaper advertising can also integrate print-to-web features, such as QR codes, to link readers with relevant web-based information, including special offers and more. In addition, the short lead times of newspapers allow for quick changes to any ad, while still meeting the necessary deadlines.

Newspaper advertising is more affordable.

Newspaper advertising typically costs less per thousand readers than television, radio, and direct mail advertising. In addition, newspaper staff members will work directly with advertisers to create ads at no additional costs.

Newspaper advertising can also be customized to meet any budget. The decline in newspaper ad revenue means fewer print and digital ads are included in each circulation. This is a significant benefit, as advertisers have less competition for ad space (and customers) than other mediums. Additional discounts can be provided for increased ad coverage and frequency.

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Newspaper advertising reaches more customers.

Though declining in readership, an average issue of a daily or Sunday newspaper reaches more adults than an average half-hour prime time television show. Readers also remove and/or save information, including special events, features on family and friends, coupons, and more. Whereas the average attention span of an Internet user is 8 seconds, readers spend considerably more time reviewing information in newspapers, including advertising.

Newspaper readers are also more affluent. According to Mansi Media, approximately 75% of all households with incomes of at least $100,000 read newspapers. These are households with significantly more purchasing power, who are also more likely to be influenced by newspaper ads.

Leveraging the CORE.

1st Adtube’s CORE Platform provides a premiere cloud-based solution for your advertising needs. From proposal generation to billing, we provide a full-scale solution that streamlines multichannel publishing from a single web-based platform, integrates advertising and editorial content management, and reduces your IT costs while increasing ad sales.

While advertising mediums continue to expand with technology, the flexibility, targeting, affordability, and reach of newspapers make them the most trusted and reputable source for effectively reaching customers. 1st Adtube’s CORE Platform ensures that you are able to not only capitalize on new advertising opportunities, but also maximize your ad sales in the process.

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